Who are Lily Cole Parents And Family? Lily Cole, a British supermodel, is frequently in the news for her appearance and fashion choices. She made headlines this time for criticizing Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain on Monday.

Richard referred to Miranda Wheelan, a climate change activist, as a hypocrite in April 2022 because she wore clothing. Additionally, he said something controversial by likening the Extinction Rebellion logo to Vicky Pollard of Little Britain and criticizing her use of oil.

Lily Cole Parents And Family: Meet Dad Chris Cole, Mom Patience Owen & Husband Kwame Ferreira


Lily Cole Parents And Family: Meet Dad Chris Cole And Mom Patience Owen

On December 27, 1987, Lily Cole was born to British parents Christopher James Cole and Patience Sandra Owen.

Her mother is a talented artist and writer, and her father, Chris Cole, is a seasoned fisherman and shipbuilder. Her mother gave her a passion for writing and the environment.

Although Cole was born in Torquay, southwest England, she lived in London for the majority of her life. Elvie Cole, an older sister who works as a teacher at a school in London, is also a family member.

The British model attended Hallfield Primary School, Sylvia Young Theatre School, and St Marylebone School. At Latymer Upper School, she completed her sixth-form education, earning As in her A-level coursework in ethics, politics, philosophy, and English.

Lily Cole Ethnicity And Background – Which Part Of The Continent Is She From?

Lily Cole is of a variety of races and ethnicities. She belongs to the white race, which is primarily of European (Irish, British, etc.) descent.

Coles’ mother is originally from Wales, while her father is English. Looking at her pictures, it appears that she may be connected to Celtic people because of her red hair.

Cole had to apologize in August 2021 for posting a photo of himself wearing a burka on Instagram. She received criticism for “prioritizing Instagram posturing over fundamental human rights.” The supermodel, however, had only made an effort to celebrate diversity and advertise her latest book.

Learn About Lily Cole’s Husband Kwame Ferreira

Kwame Ferreira, who was Lily Cole’s boyfriend, is married to him. The couple reportedly resided in Portugal at the time of their 2012 nuptials.

In 2015, Cole made known that she was expecting her first child with Ferreira. Wylde, their daughter, will turn seven years old in September.

By profession, Cole’s partner, Kwame Ferreira, is a businessman. He has¬†studied¬†designs and spent time at Lisbon’s traditional expressive arts foundation. After the Common Conflict civil war tore Angola apart, he was born there. He later migrated to Brazil before arriving in the south of Portugal.

Lily wrote about her sexuality in her book “Who Cares Wins: How to Protect the Planet You Love,” which was published last year. In an interview with the Sunday Times Style, she came out as queer.

The supermodel declared: “I don’t feel the need to be explicit. I’ve always been quite private about my private life, and I want to continue to be. I feel the need to admit that I am not straight, though, at the same time.

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