Who is Malorie Blackman Husband? Malorie Blackman is a writer best known for her work on children’s and young adult literature and television dramas.

From 2013 to 2015, she served as the Children’s Laureate.

She has used science fiction to gain a better understanding of social and ethical issues. She has received numerous honors and awards. Her most recent honor is the PEN Pinter Prize, which she received in 2022. Similarly, she is an author who has published more than five books.

Malorie Blackman Husband And Daughter Elizabeth Morrison

Elizabeth Morrison is known as the daughter of writer Malorie Blackman.

She was born in 1995 to her mother, Malorie, and her father, Neil Blackman. She is 27 years old, but Malorie has not shared the details regarding her.

Malorie Blackman Husband And Daughter Elizabeth Morrison
Malorie Blackman is mother of her daughter Elizabeth Morrison. ( Source : instagram )

Similarly, Elizabeth has remained as far from the spotlight as possible and doesn’t seem active on social media platforms.

She lives with her parents in Kent, but the education she has gained and the profession she is involved in seem unknown. She seems to be the only child of her parents. So, she might have gained love from both of her parents.

Malorie, despite having her own professional time used to spend time with her daughter Elizabeth in her spare time.

Malorie likes to play piano for Elizabeth or sometimes compose music. She has also been seen playing computer games and writing poetry too.

She is loved by her mother a lot. During an interview with the Guardian, Malorie’s happiest moment was the day her daughter, Elizabeth, was born.

Malorie Blackman’s Husband

Malorie Blackman is married to her husband, Neil Blackman.

She has been married to Neil for a while, and her marriage seems to be going fine. Neil also seems to remain away from the limelight and isn’t active on social media platforms.

Malorie Blackman's novel Noughts and Crosses has been turned into series.
Malorie Blackman’s novel Noughts and Crosses has been turned into series. ( Source : instagram )

Malorie also doesn’t seem to share much about her husband with the public. He is rarely seen in the post of Malorie on her social media. She has not shared much about her marriage with Neil nor about their relationship story.

But there seems to be love, support, and care between the couples.

Malorie Blackman’s Net Worth In 2022

Malorie Blackman’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million in 2022.

She has earned millions of dollars from her profession as a writer and through the sales of her books. Similarly, a series has been produced based on one of the books. So, she is earning well from her career.

Malorie began her career as a writer and author through her first book, Not So Stupid!

The book was a collection of horror and science fiction stories for young adults and was published in November 1990. After the release of her first book, she wrote children’s books and has written more than 60, which include novels, short story collections, television scripts, and a stage play.

She has also written for the popular show Doctor Who and became the first person of the color writer to do so. She has won more than 15 awards in her career.

Malorie has written the television script for the children’s drama Byker Grove episode. Similarly, she has also written scripts for the television adaptation of her novels Whizziwig and Pig-Heart Boy. Her Noughts & Crosses series has won awards and has been loved by people as it explores love, racism, and violence.

Noughts and Crosses series got premiered on March 5, 2020, on BBC One. The series tells the story of two young people, Sephy and Callum.

Sephy and Callum are divided by the color of their skin but are united by love.

Malorie’s book

Malorie Blackman has written more than sixty books in various genres.
Malorie Blackman has written more than sixty books in various genres. ( Source : instagram )

Malorie has written a number of books, and those books have been translated into over 15 languages, including Spanish, Welsh, German, Japanese, Chinese, and French.

Some of her books are:

  • Cloud Busting
  • Unheard Voices
  • Pig Heart Boy
  • Hacker
  • Noughts and Crosses
  • Boy Don’t cry
  • Jon for Short
  • Trust Me
  • Noble Conflict
  • A.N.T.I.D.OT.E

5 Quick Facts:

Here are the some the Quick Facts about Malorie Blackman:

  • Malorie began her writing career at twenty-eight years of age in 1990.
  • She was born in Clapham, London but grew up in Bromley.
  • Malorie was one of five children of her parents.
  • She wanted to become an English teacher but later become a system programmer instead.
  • Malorie is a graduate of the National Film and Television School. Home 

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