Obituary: What Is Base Jumper Chris Nielsen Death Cause?  Chris Nielsen was a professional skydiver who died tragically in a cliff fall. His place of employment announced the tragic news on their Facebook page. The comment section quickly became inundated with tributes to the daredevil.

He was a well-known American daredevil, adventurer, and skydiver. Chris is well-known for his tricks, flips, and trademark mid-air backflips. Sadly, the stuntman was killed in the tragic accident.


Obituary: What Is Base Jumper Chris Nielsen Death Cause?

According to the surfacing news, professional skydiver Chris Nielson died in a base jumping accident. Skydive Buckleye shared the obituary details of the unfortunate death news via a heartwrenching Facebook post on Wednesday.

Apparently, the daredevil passed in a cliff accident. Chris is no more with us today; he died doing what he most loved to do. The Facebook post reads, “It is with great sorrow to let everyone know we lost Chris in a base jumping accident.”


Obituary: What Is Base Jumper Chris Nielsen Death Cause? Tragic Accident Parachute Mishap
Chris Nielsen jumps with Travis Prastrana, Brian Grubb, and Matt Jaskol. ( Source : Instagram )


On June 12, we just celebrated Chris’s birthday, but we had no idea it would be his last birthday celebration. Many people wished the base jumper a happy birthday in the comment section.

In his long experience as an instructor, Chris helped many individuals to overcome their fear of height. His loved ones soon flooded the Facebook post with RIP comments. Many showed their heartfelt condolence to his grieving family.


Base Jumper Chris Nielsen Dies Tragic Parachute Mishap

Professional skydiver Chris Nielsen lost his life to a tragic base jumping accident. He had acquired nearly a decade of experience with over 4k skydivers in the first seven years of his career as a professional skydiver and instructor.

Chris helped many people to overcome their fear, and social media is flooded with tributes for his kind heart. One individual wrote, “I’m speechless. Chris was my first jump instructor. He was such a great man.”

Another user commented that Chris had unmatched energy, and at the same time, he had a calming and comforting presence. His parachute base jumping death was accidental, and other circumstances surrounding the accident are yet to be revealed.

What happened To Chris Nielsen?

Chris Nielsen was recently involved in a base jumping accident and tragically lost his life. There is no denying that skydiving is a very daring and dangerous sport. Things can go out of control when one is thousands of feet above the sky.

Nonetheless, the incident involving Chris’s accident has yet to be released. He was an expert and trained skydiver. The daredevil’s untimely death has come as shocking and heartbreaking to everybody. Likewise, the entire base jumping community is mourning his departure.

Despite his popularity, Chirs is not featured on Wikipedia. He was active on his Instagram account under the username @chrisnielsen1989. He last posted on Instagram on July 7, 2022, and the caption reads, “Good times with good friends.”

With great 306 posts, Chris garnered 6,032 followers on his Instagram post. He mostly posted thrilling videos of his skydiving and cliff jumping. He had also added on his Instagram bio, “trying to make life more awesome every day.”

How Did Chris Nielsen Die?

Chris Nielsen died in a base jumping accident; Skydive Buckeye posted on their Facebook account. Born in 1989, he was thirty-three years old at the time of his death. He was based in Arizona, Phoenix, where he did many thrilling stunts.

Nielsen wasn’t afraid to take risks to the next level and enjoyed every moment of his life to the fullest, which is probably a rare trait in people these days. He always found his life while flying in the sky and living the moment, feeling each breath.

His family hasn’t published an official statement yet. Chris’s mourning family seems distraught by the incident and needs private space. We send our deepest sympathies to his grieving family and close

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