Learn how old is @privatepaige On TikTok, her wiki-bio, height, and Instagram Account details in this article. Continue reading for more!

The TikTok star Paige has the handle @privatepaige. Paige shot to fame after taking the “I am Thirty, Refreshing” challenge. On the app, the celebrity has more than 500,000 followers.

Little is known about the TikTok celebrity; however, let’s explore the information that is scattered across the internet about @privatepaige.

@privatepaige On TikTok: How Old Is Her Age? Learn About Her Height, Bio & Instagram Account

@privatepaige On TikTok: Know Her Better

Scrutinizing the username, @privatepaige, the TikTok user behind this handle must carry the actual name, Paige. She probably used a pun in her TikTok username to make it sound like a private page.

@privatepaige has 668.9 thousand followers on TikTok, and she has amassed 9 million likes on the app. “No bio yet.” states the bio section of her TikTok account. She has posted just nineteen TikTok videos yet was able to accumulate sizable fan followings.

The most viewed TikTok video of @privatepaige is the one where she and her friend Samantha Reischman who goes by the TikTok username @samanthareischman, participated in the “I am Thirty, Refreshing” TikTok challenge. The video has gathered 8.8 million likes and was viewed by 86.3 million as of 1 August 2022.

In the challenge, Samantha is seen lying on the ground. She goes on to lip sync, “I am Thirsty,” followed by @privatepaige and her other friend pouring two buckets full of water over her. Samantha then lip syncs to “Refreshing” once the water gets poured.

The video is immensely loved by many and attracts a considerable quantity of stitches and duets on TikTok.

@privatepaige Has An Instagram Account

@privatepaige is @paigeoconnell_ on Instagram. She has fewer followers on Instagram than on TikTok, with 1743 followers.

Exploring @privatepaige’s Instagram, we can conclude that her real name is Paige Connell. Her Instagram bio quotes “new york | coastal Carolina u”; therefore, she must belong to New York City. Paige has just graduated from her high school, Newfield High School. She posted a picture of her graduation ceremony with her friends on her Instagram account dated 25 June 2022.

Considering Paige recently graduated high school in 2022, she must probably be eighteen. She attended Hawkins Path Elementary School before high school and is now joining Coastal Carolina University for further studies.

Besides Instagram and TikTok, Paige doesn’t seem to be engaged in other social media platforms.

@privatepaige- Her Height and Age Details

@privatepaige’s height could be somewhere between 5 feet to 5.5 feet. Because her exact height is still under wraps, estimating her height in the given range is reliable.

Furthermore, because very little is revealed about the TikTok star, it will be hard to put a number to her weight. But she is probably over 45 kgs. Paige is a blonde girl with white skin.

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