Sgt Blake Shimanek, Officer Arrested For Puente Family Assault in 2020 –  Here’s update on legal case

Dillon Puente, 22, was pursued by Blake Shimanek after a Keller Complaint was filed accusing him of making a wide right turn.

On August 15, 2020, Dillon went to his grandmother’s house to fix his car’s air conditioning.

Shimanek requested him to pull over after the police parole car tracked him down.

The altercation swiftly spiraled out of control, and the cop has now been relieved of his duties as a result of the immoral assault.

Sgt Blake Shimanek, Officer Arrested For Puente Family Assault – Who Is He?

Sgt Blake Shimanek is a former Keller, Texas, police officer who was disciplined for assaulting Dillon Puente and his father.

Blake followed Dillon’s car through the intersection as it made a wider right turn, and he recorded the incident in his daily notebook.

When Dillon reached the front window of the vehicle, he attempted to roll up the windows, which the police officer saw as an insult.

Blake then urged Dillon to open the window and questioned his odd behavior, to which Dillon offered little in the way of an answer.


When Dillon’s father approached them from the opposite walkway, Blake forced Dillon to exit the truck and handcuffed him.

Dillon informed him that the cop had arrested him for rolling up the car windows on them, and that the arrest had been recorded by his father.

Blake was enraged by this attitude and went after the father, arresting him as well by pepper spraying him.

Dillon’s father cried out for help wiping the pepper solution from his eyes when the duo was allocated to the police vehicle’s back seat, but the policemen ignored him.

Officer Blake Shimanek Arrested For Puente Family Assault

Officer Blake was arrested and the entire Police Department was sued for the inappropriate attack on the Puente family.

The Keller Police Chief also expressed regret for the event and demoted Blake from the role of instigator.

The Texas Jurisdiction Court has classified Officer Blake’s act of oppression without Puente’s agreement as a Class A misdemeanor that is nonetheless legal.

Sgt Blake Shimanek, Officer Arrested For Puente Family Assault - Here's What To Know About The Legal case

The officer faces a fine of up to $4000 and a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

The Keller Police Department paid $200k to the couple who were victimized to the officer’s harsh arrest and assault in February 2021.


Explore Sgt Blake Shimanek On Wikipedia

Sgt Blake Shimanek’s bio has yet to be added to the official Wikipedia page.

His case was complicated by the fact that the Keller police department compared the total camera records to the first statement to the actual incident that occurred.

Following the legal case initiated by the victim’s family, Blake lost his job and authority.


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