Tony Hudgell Birth Parents: Read to the end for all the facts.

Tony Hudgell Birth Parents: What happened? - Double Amputee

Tony Hudgell is a British child whose biological parents abused him.

Many of us now look up to him as an inspiration. He made news after earning almost £1.5 million for Evelina London Children’s Hospital in just 30 days by walking 10 kilometers on his new legs and crutches.



Tony Hudgell was reportedly admitted to the Evelina London Children’s Hospital in Southwark, South East London, as a one-month-old baby. After being tormented by his birth parents, Jody Simpson and Tony Smith, he suffered many fractures, severe organ failure, and sepsis.

The child abusers will now face life in prison as a result of Tony’s anguish.

Tony Hudgell Birth Parents – Details

Jody Simpson and Tony Smith are Tony Hudgell’s biological parents.

His fingers and toes were shattered as a baby, and his leg ligaments were ripped. He was also kept untreated and in agony for ten days, resulting in a severe injury that rendered him wheelchair-bound. Jody and Tony, Tony’s biological parents, were both sentenced to a maximum of ten years in prison for child cruelty in February 2018.

Mark and Paula Hudgell later adopted Tony. Tony’s adoptive family, on the other hand, thought it wasn’t enough and wanted a change in the legislation. Following that, the maximum prison penalty for those who cause or permit the death of a child has been increased from 14 years to life.

Tony Hudgell Age


According to the source. Tony Hudgell is currently 7 years old.

After being abused by his birth parents, he suffered eight fractures and needed both legs amputated when he was 41 days old.


Tony Hudgell Instagram

Tony Hudgell uses the handle @tonyhudgell_bear on Instagram.

To date, he has accumulated 10 thousand followers and 718 posts. He is a well-known figure. On his Instagram account, he basically chronicles his trip.


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