Georgy Alburov is a well-known Russian anti-corruption activist who is currently facing charges of Street Art Theft. He was a Navalny team member.

Georgy Alburov is a well-known anti-corruption campaigner who has exposed the hidden assets of government officials. He appears to have worked for Team Navalny, with the assistance of lawyer Alexei Navalny.

Where Is Georgy Alburov Now? Know All About The Anti Corruption Activist

Alexei Navalny is a Russian anti-corruption activist, attorney, and opposition leader. He was a part of the Russian Opposition Coordination Council.

Alexei has also organized anti-government protests and campaigned for the government to fight for changes against fraud in Russia, as well as against President Vladimir Putin and his cabinet, who avoid mentioning Navalny by name.


Who Is Georgy Alburov? Here’s What We Know

Georgy Alburov is an anti-corruption campaigner who does his research work with  Mr. Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation.

Georgy was found accused of theft by a Russian court on Tuesday for stealing a filthy piece of graffiti art of a rural city’s wall and handing it to his boss, anti-corruption writer Aleksei Navalny.

He also brought his laptop and iPhone to trial and announced on his website that he would fight his one-month community outreach term.



Alburov, who is known for uncovering state officials’ hidden fortune, said that he did not remove the street art. A janitor in the town of Vladimir, about 125 miles east of Moscow, created a cartoonish artwork, which he displays near a train station.

The painting Bad/Good Person compares two Russian individuals, one unpleasant and connected with the Internet, and the other pleasant and shining with the love of the Motherland.

Where Is Georgy Alburov Now?

Details On The Anti Corruption Activist From Team Navalny

Georgy Alburov is currently serving a sentence for art theft, according to reports. His exact whereabouts are uncertain.

As the cabinet keeps its onslaught on the country’s civil society, Russia has placed jailed Kremlin opponent Alexey Navalny and many of his associates, including Georgy, on its list of terrorists and extremists.



Lyubov Sobol, Vyacheslav Gimadi, Georgy Alburov, Lilia Chanysheva, and Ruslan Shaveddinov are included among Navalny’s allies.

They were added to Rosfinmonitoring’s record on January 25, placing them on par with right-wing nationalist parties and overseas terrorist groups like the Taliban and Islamic State.

More than half of Navalny’s political advisers have fled or been detained in Russia.

 Who Is Georgy Alburov Wife, And Family?

Georgy Alburov has not shared any details regarding his wife until now. He was raised by his family in Bashkirskaya, Russia.

However, Alburov has not shared the identity and other details regarding his parents and other household members so far.

He hasn’t revealed anything about his partner or his marital life publicly. Thus, Georgy might be unmarried right now and focused on his professional career.

As per the IMDB, he was born in Ufa, Bashkirskaya ASSR, USSR, on October 9, 1989. He is a writer who is best known for his novel A Palace for Putin.

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