Where Is Hot Fuzz Filmed? Hot Fuzz, an action comedy movie directed by Edgar Wright and written by Wright and Simon Pegg, was released in 2007.

Where Is Hot Fuzz Filmed? Locations, Places, Story Plot And Spoilers Detailed
Where Is Hot Fuzz Filmed?

Pegg, Nick Frost, Timothy Dalton, and Jim Broadbent play two police detectives in the movie’s plot. They are looking into a string of brutal and strange deaths that occurred in a West Country town.

It comes after Shaun of the Dead (2004) and is the second movie in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. The World’s End comes next. Additionally, it is the most popular of the three movies (2013).


Where Is Hot Fuzz Filmed? Locations And Places

Hot Fuzz was filmed in Wells, which doubled for the film’s fictional setting of Sandford.

It is the smallest city in all of England, which means it is already the size of a town. Whether a coincidence or not, it connected to the filmmaker Edgar Wright before the beginning of production. He spent his childhood years living there.

Stow-on-the-Wold was a desirable location for them to shoot the movie. However, because they were unable to film there, the majority of the picture was shot in Somerset’s Wells, which also happens to be Edgar Wright’s hometown.

Additionally, director Wright wanted the Church of St. Cuthbert to be the main attraction and focal point of the small town he depicted in the movie. As a result, the “Hot Fuzz” team was forced to omit the scene involving the Wells Cathedral from the movie. Additionally, a scene in the film features the Bishop’s Palace in Wells.

The sequences in the movie that took place at the police station were filmed in real-life settings. The movie is being shot at the Hendon Police College and the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre in Gravesend. They filmed several sequences at the Police College, with a skid pan for the driving school and an athletic track.

The scene in the flower shop was filmed in Mill Hill, and the final few seconds of the film were shot at the still-standing Waverley Abbey ruins. Additionally, when Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were filming the movie in Somerset while clad as police officers, a lot of the locals believed that they were actual police officers.

Additionally, the majority of the cast and crew of the film did the same during production, as did the hotel that Simon Pegg’s character stays in throughout the course of the story. A real bar in Somerset’s Market Place served as the inspiration for the movie’s depicted bar.

Where To Watch Hot Fuzz And Cast Guide

Several streaming services, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, offer Hot Fuzz for viewing.

The cast of the film features some well-known actors. First, we have Simon Pegg, who not only acted in the movie as Nicholas Angel but also contributed to its script.

Jim Broadbent plays the villain, Frank Butterman, and Nick Frost plays Danny Butterman, a young buddy cop in the movie.

Along with Pegg, Frost and Broadbent also appear in the movie. Among the many outstanding actors who play supporting roles in the movie are Paddy Considine, Timothy Dalton, Olivia Colman, and Billie Whitelaw. Along with the actors who play the main roles, the movie also features an all-star ensemble.

Hot Fuzz Story Plot And Spoilers

Nicholas Angel, a police officer, is the film’s main character. He was promoted to Sergeant because he was the best in his division. However, his coworkers plotted to have him transferred to Sandford, a small town, because they were jealous of his success.

The neighborhood gained notoriety as a result of its numerous “Village of the Year” awards. The residents of Sandford were also slackers, and Angel’s regimented lifestyle stands in stark contrast to their attitude of complacency. Danny Butterman, his partner, had previously been imprisoned by Angel for engaging in obnoxious behavior while intoxicated, so he did not like him either.

There will be a lot of strange things that happen in the neighborhood soon. The deaths of many people in Sandford appeared to be the result of accidents. Angel suspects that these occurrences are related to the numerous real estate deals currently going on in the market. He consequently assumes that Simon Skinner, the store manager, is to blame for these occurrences.

Skinner can still prove his innocence, though. But later, a member of Skinner’s staff attacked Angel. However, Angel overcomes him and compels him to reveal the real perpetrator of the events in Sandford.

The group that carried out the killings in the neighborhood was the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance, also referred to as the NWA. They killed everyone because they thought it would hurt Sandford’s chances of winning “Village of the Year.” Frank Butterman, Danny’s father, also served as the head of this mysterious organization that was active in the neighborhood.

Frank also provides an explanation of his motivations. The late man’s wife played a crucial role in their small town’s victory in its competition for the first-ever “Village of the Year” award. However, the traveler enjoyed doing the work and ended up killing herself because she was disappointed she did not receive the medal.

The people who endangered Sandford’s chances of winning the prize were therefore killed by Rank and his team. Angel enlists Danny’s help in coming up with a plan to stop Frank and his NWA. Angel and his companion kill a lot of NWA members during the gunfight.

Additionally, Danny, Angel, and the rest of the police department successfully thwart Frank’s plans. Along with Skinner, he was attempting to flee the town. He attempted to run away from Angel but was killed in an accident.

Later, an older former member of the NWA makes an attempt to kill Angel. Still, he decides to commit suicide by blowing up the neighborhood police station. Danny was able to save Angel from the perilous circumstance, though.

After some time, his superiors asked Angel to go back to London. He declines the chance, though, and keeps up his Stanford studies. After a year, Angel is still working in the same adorable small town, but he is now the Inspector. Danny, on the other hand, was promoted to Sergeant.

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