Did Francis Katungin die in Deadliest Catch latest episode? He suffered a fatal accident during the filming of the TV show, and people are curious to know if he is still alive.

Did Francis Katungin Die In Deadliest Catch Latest Episode? Find Out What Happened

Francis Katungin, a crew worker, suffered significant injuries when he was smashed against a railing during Tuesday night’s Deadliest Catch episode.

Captain Rip Carlton was in a terrible situation because Todd Kochutin, a valued fisherman, had died in a similar disaster aboard the Patricia Lee the previous year. At only 30 years old, Kochutin departed suddenly in February 2021.

The crew of the long-running Discovery television show was launching crab traps in stormy seas on Tuesday’s program when a large wave knocked one of the pots loose.


Obituary: Did Francis Katungin Die In Deadliest Catch Latest Episode?

Francis Katungin was recently involved in a critical accident on Deadliest Catch, and many people have believed that he has died and have left obituary posts.

His loved ones, acquaintances, and coworkers all expressed their deep sorrow and unease at the hearing of the terrible accident that claimed one of their valued family members.

A horrific accident happened in the most recent Deadliest Catch episode. An event that occurred on Tuesday night left Katungin, a staff member on the mentioned performance, hurt.

Francis was slammed against a railing by a rogue wave that caused everything to happen. First, Twitter was used by the show’s official social media account to share a video and inform viewers of the tragic event. Since then, it has become a hot issue on social media.

What Happened To Francis Katungin On Deadliest Catch?

A sizable piece of welded steel crushed Francis Katungin against a railing. Deadliest Catch producer Todd Stanley provided first aid while appearing on camera because the situation was so critical.

However, it was evident from the episode that Katungin had had considerable pelvic trauma, which could have led to a broken hip and shattered pelvis. Katungin’s injuries are now unknown.

In the episode from Tuesday, Captain Carlton drove his boat for 16 hours to get close to a US Coast Guard plane that might be able to rescue the injured crewmember.

Captain Carlton tried to be optimistic despite the grave circumstances. His main goal is to bring the boat to a secure area so that the Coast Guard may safely extract Francis.


Insights On Francis Katungin Wife And Family

Francis Katungin’s family and wife are currently saddened by the fatal accident of their beloved family member.

At such a sad moment, his family has requested privacy from the media and public, so not many details are available about his family and married life.

Fishermen on fishing boats in the Bering Sea face dangerous risks, unpredictability, and discomfort in the reality series The Deadliest Catch, mainly when catching Alaskan king crab, snow crab, and bairdi crab.



Another crew member required immediate medical attention while evacuating, necessitating a dangerous helicopter rescue in the middle of a storm.

Francis Katungin Death Hoax Or Alive: Where Is He Now?

Francis Katungin had an accident, but he was still alive in the show’s latest episode. Unfortunately, people have already spread death hoaxes in his name.

Although the full extent of Katungin’s injuries is unknown, it was evident from the episode that he had had a significant pelvic area injury, potentially leading to a broken hip and shattered pelvis.

The episode of Tuesday ended with Captain Carlton driving his boat for 16 hours to get close enough to a Coast Guard helicopter to aid remove the injured crewmember.

In the long-running Discovery television show, a big wave knocked a pot out of the launcher as the crew was setting crab pots in choppy waters on Tuesday.

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