On What Charge Was THF Crack Arrested? There is a new THF Crack social media story. He was arrested on August 29 on suspicion of having nonconsensual contact with a minor.

On What Charge Was THF Crack Arrested? Real Name, Age, And Bio Details

Although no major news outlets have yet to publish the report, YouTube and Reddit were among the first to do so. He’s been arrested several times, but the situation is getting worse.

All of the controversy surrounding him and his arrest stemmed from a YouTube video posted by the channel Xman Reeko. He is also receiving negative feedback from the Reddit community.


On What Charge Was THF Crack Arrested? Assault Details

This is not the first time rapper and comedian THF Crack has been detained and imprisoned. He has previously been arrested for a number of felonies.

He was recently charged, however, with a slew of offenses, including criminal assault. According to preliminary reports, he faces up to 60 years in prison for predatory assault on a child under the age of 13.

Furthermore, the reaction to the rapper’s arrest on Reddit is entertaining to watch. Although some of his ardent supporters defended THF Crack in the comments, the majority of users were harshly critical of him.

A user known as Famous Extreme8707 stated that he may have had an antisocial personality disorder (APD), but after seeing what he did, he insisted on locking him up. Another user brought up one of THF Crack’s interviews, in which he discussed how, as a child, he tormented and murdered cats and dogs.

How Old Is THF Crack Age?

THF Crack has never mentioned his age in the media. There is no information available about his birthday or date of birth. However, assault allegations from a 13-year-old girl have allegedly landed him in jail recently.

However, his fans and community have defended him, claiming that the girl is over the age of 17. The truth about the subject has not yet come to light, but it is expected to do so soon as his trial begins.

THF Crack Real Name Revealed

THF Crack, also known as THF 46, is an abbreviation for “Trigger Happy Family.” They are drill rappers and Chicago gangs.

THF 46 was renamed Trigga Happy Family after a member named Trigga died. 46 Terror existed prior to its demise. They also go by the names “Gudda Gang,” “Black World,” and “Karl Town” in honor of their fallen gang members.

THF Lil T, THF Billa, THF Twin, THF GBaby, and others are also members of the THF 46 gang.

Who Is THF Crack? Bio Details

THF Crack is an American Drill Rapper. Although THF Crack is not well-known for his rap or music, people may recognize him and accuse him from a number of police cases.

He drew unwelcome public attention after admitting in an interview that he used to kill rats and cats for fun as a child. He also mentioned receiving a bad bruise as a result of stealing dog parts. When questioned, he stated that as a child, all of this seemed normal to him.

Crack also has a nearly 30K-follower Instagram account, @thf glacierman. On August 26, he posted a video of himself driving in a car.

Furthermore, his music videos are very popular on YouTube and Spotify. As a result, THF Crack is expected to make a lot of money. His net worth, however, remains unknown because he has not made his financial records public.

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