Who Are Jermaine Johnson parents that mostly support and cheer him on at every game?

Who Are Jermaine Johnson Parents? Meet His Father Jay And Mother June Roose

Jermaine Johnson is an American football defensive end who currently plays for the Florida State Seminoles. With his exceptional skills, he was named ACC Defensive Player of the Year in 2021.

While the player keeps on achieving one milestone after another, his parents have been more than proud of their son’s success. Moreover, with NFL draft week hitting by, his followers’ have been much more interested in his personal life.

And with that, his family has remained in the public interest for a while. As Jermaine got foreseen to go much higher than today’s time, let’s hear more about his family who supported him to date.


Who Are Jermaine Johnson Parents?

Jermaine Johnson’s parents welcomed him to this world on 7 January 1999 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. They have seen their son following his dream into achieving it.

The defensive end player grew up with his mom, June, and dad, Jay, while gaining their support in pursuing what he wants. He has made his parents proud with his growing success, & his loved ones are more than blessed to have him as their son.

Jermaine’s father has previously commented on his son, “He wants to be able to use his talents. I don’t care where he ends up; he’s a dawg at heart.”

No matter how the player is going to end up in the coming days, he could always have the support of his parents. They have been through thick and thin together and have seen all the tireless journey of the defensive end player.

Also, with the NFL draft week, they couldn’t be more excited for his new journey.

Meet His Father Jay And Mother June Roose On Instagram

23-years-old, Jermaine Johnson, grew up looking up to his father, Jay, and his mother, June Roose. As mentioned by Daily Collegian, his nickname came from his dad, “Big OC.”

The player has shared his life updates on his Instagram with the user handle @jermainethealbum and has more than 30k followers.



Also, he previously mentioned that his father has always been his coach and will always be. Moreover, Jay himself was a basketball player who further married his mom, June.

Roose played a vital role in supporting the player in the field and his studies. Together with his hobbies, she helped in his school.

Nevertheless, both his father and mother were quite familiar with his passion for sports.

Come Across Jermaine Johnson Brother Vadell

Like Jermaine Johnson, his brother, Vadell, is also a sports player who completed his education at Eden Prairie Senior High School.

He is the elder son of the family who dropped out of college, earning bread for the family and taking responsibility. Moreover, his duty rises after their mother had to go through a spinal injury.

Later on, Vadell got an offer from the Pirates team and got listed for the 2018-19 roster season.


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More On Jermaine Johnson Family

Jermaine Johnson is the family’s younger son, pursuing his career in American football, aiming to be a star one day.

On his exciting journey to fulfill his dreams, he has got the support of his elder brother, a caring mother, and a supportive father.

He got blessed with his family, who will always stand alongside him whether it’s a celebration or a hard time.

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