Where Is John Balentine Now Jail Or prison? Arrested For 1998 Shooting

Where Is John Balentine Now Jail Or prison? People are curious about the specifics of the John Balentine arrest news. Join us to learn the circumstances surrounding John Balentine’s arrest.

A judge has postponed a man’s execution who was convicted of killing three teenagers while they slept in a Texas Panhandle home more than 25 years ago until next week.

John Balentine, 54, was slated to be executed by lethal injection at the state prison in Huntsville on February 8.

In January 1998, he was convicted of shooting to death three Amarillo residents: Steven Watson, 15; Edward Mark Caylor, 17; and Kai Brooke Geyer.

Caylor was the brother of Balentine’s ex-girlfriend, and the prosecution claims that the two had a falling out. In Houston, Balentine was apprehended six months after the killings.

According to the evidence presented at the trial, all three victims were shot once in the head while they slept in a small house where Balentine had previously resided.

Where Is John Balentine Now Jail Or prison?

For the past 23 years, John Lezell Balentine has been on Texas’ execution row. His execution was set multiple times but was later postponed.

We appeal for mercy because his death is set for February 8. We urge everyone to spread this request as soon as possible because of how urgent the situation is.

In January 1998, he was found guilty of killing Mark Caylor Jr., 17, Kai Geyer, 15, and Steven Brady Watson, who were all close friends or relatives of Misty, his then-girlfriend.

John, who was 30 then, admitted to all three crimes as soon as he was taken into custody.
John was raised in a harsh and violent familial environment in Arkansas.

He dropped out of school and became a mechanic. Additionally, he was repeatedly found guilty of robberies and violent acts.

He began frequently writing to numerous pen friends once he was placed on death row, alone in his cell.

We want to stand with John now that his execution has been postponed until February 8, 2023, by promoting kindness and resolutely rejecting all forms of violence.

John Balentine Arrested For 1998 Shooting

John Balentine Arrested For The Shooting Death In 1998.

Balentine’s execution date and warrant were revoked on Tuesday by state district judge Steven Denny in Potter County because the inmate’s attorneys were not properly informed of the dates and warrants describing the lethal injection. According to state legislation, this notification is necessary.

Prosecutors had asked Denny to rethink his ruling on Wednesday, but Denny turned them down. The judge ordered the prosecution to notify Balentine’s attorneys promptly and reschedule the execution.

According to his legal representatives, the jury’s deliberations at Balentine’s trial allegedly suffered from racial bias and other misbehavior.

Balentine is one of five death row inmates in Texas who have joined a lawsuit to prevent the use of allegedly dangerous and outdated execution medications by the state’s prison system.

Despite a civil court judge in Austin preliminarily approving the claims, the highest two courts in the state permitted the executions of two prisoners involved in the dispute on January 10 and Wednesday.

Prison officials refute the allegations in the lawsuit and assert that the state’s supply of lethal injection medications is secure.

Later this year, Texas plans to carry out six additional executions, the following one taking place on March 7. Home 

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